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There are plenty of downsides just like any other job. I’ll go through some of the downsides I consider most camgirls (and camboys) most often encounter:

  • Being judged by close friends and family - It’s uncomfortable and some of them might take a step back, avoid you and so on. But in the end, were they really your friends? :)
  • “You’re just unable to do anything better!” - Most people (and even models) believe sitting in front of the camera, smiling and waving while being naked is enough to make some serious cash. Let me tell you, it’s not nearly enough. You need to relate to your audience, to understand what they want, when they want it and for how long should you show them what they want. Should I even get started on how hard it is to promote yourself? To build your image and persona in order to target your audience? So many things to learn, it ain’t easy at all!
  • Be careful with your earnings - earnings can be good, really good actually when camming. But there’s also a downside to this, you tend to spend more and more. And it takes a while to get used to plan waaay ahead, financially speaking of course! Vacations days, ill days and any sort of break must be anticipated and make sure you always have a hefty amount left in your bank account. Most models start spending when they see an increase in revenue during the last 2 weeks / 1 month. Don’t do it! That extra income might mean 2 weeks of vacation later.

Always be positive, no matter what - might seem easy, but as I stated before one of the “secrets” of the industry is just hard work. And stay connected every day. No matter how you feel, or if you have a bad day, it’s your job! And you have to make the others feel good with themselves. Just like a flight attendant always has to smile, your job is the same. Nobody wants to see you bored to death or depressed on cam. Stay positive all the time! It’s very demanding after a while, but we have to do it, right?

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