Foxrussian - little big star

Rosie, or as everyone recognises her on the internet - Foxrussian. She was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan, but her parents are Russian. When she was 10, she was moved to Russia and now lives in Moscow.

At the age of 23, she has really succeeded as a web model. "I fully embrace my work and don't try to embarrass me if you see me on the street," is how she cautions her subscribers. A full-time college student, Rosie is managing to have a great career. Working as a webcam model is how she pays for her education and supports herself, so the two are in perfect harmony. This girl works very hard and does her best to keep her viewers fully satisfied and coming back for "more". 

Possessing fiery red hair, big brown eyes and a dazzling smile, this girl is able to light up a room. Her body is out of this world, with a firm chest and a juicy ass.

Rosie hasn't found a life partner at the moment, though, judging by her comments, that's not what she wants. She has other priorities.

Just about 2 years ago she looked like..

And now she is the most brilliant webcam model