SolaZola. A career as an adult star

Real name

Xenia Kunda (presumably)



Date and place of birth                

12.12.1999, Tallinn Estonia

Zodiac sign


Marital status






The slender brunette Sola Zola carefully hides her real name, and in the early years of her career she also carefully concealed her age. And no wonder - she starred in her first adult film when she was quite young! Nevertheless, her career has continued to go uphill and today, a huge number of fans and an equal number of films are the best proof of that. For the past few years, the actress has been living and working in Tallinn, not forgetting her travels and hobbies, the main one being snowboarding. Sola Zola is also crazy about delicious food and shopping, so she spends a lot of time on fitness classes.

The actress was born, lives and films in Estonia. Solazola is one of Russia's most popular actresses in the "webcam" heat of 2020. She has quite a huge army of subscribers and fans of her "talent". The videos with Solazola are gaining an unprecedented number of views, bringing the actress a significant income. The star has a chic natural shape, which fuels the interest of her army of fans. A young girl who has gained a lot of popularity by making adult authoring videos with her young man. 

Solazola is one of Russia's most popular actresses in the "webcam" heat of 2020. She has quite a huge army of subscribers and fans of her "talent". Her videos with Solazola are gaining an unprecedented number of views, bringing the actress a substantial income. The star has a chic natural shape, which fuels the interest of her army of fans.


The porn star's active work brings her not only a good income, but also awards. In 2019, the PornHub website awarded the talented newly minted Estonian with a certificate of merit. The young lady was competing against other sexy beauties to win the competition, but confident in her own superiority, Solazola proved to be on top. Watching the seductive pictures of the girl, it is impossible not to recognize her looseness and natural attractiveness. The actress is beautiful even without make-up and styling, with her tattered hair and tattered shorts.


Where it all started

On 12 December 1999, the future actress was born. She lives in Tallinn, Estonia. Nature has endowed Solazola with great looks. Her height is 172 cm and weighs 50 kg. She is a slender and attractive young person.

The brunette has natural breasts and her body is adorned with piercings and tattoos. Thanks to her youth and beauty, the actress-to-be quickly gained the sympathy of fans of clubbing. Now many producers want to cooperate with her and she happily accepts their offers.

Nothing is known about the future star's childhood and youth, nor about the family she grew up in. Apparently, the beauty wants to separate her personal life from her work. And that makes sense.


A career as an adult star

Despite her young age of 19, Solazola has a lot of sex videos in her archive. She works beautifully on camera both alone and in tandem with guys and even girls.

The naturalness of her performance and her utmost dedication can be felt in each and every one of her works. Her fans are eagerly watching for new videos featuring their idol, and the porn star doesn't keep them waiting long.


On one website, the adult film actress shared her hobbies. According to the girl, she enjoys sports. And it shows: her figure is trim, her waist is thin and she is not overweight - all this is a result of working on herself.

In front of the camera, a girl has to look impeccable. Under "hobbies" Solazola ticked "snowboarding". It turns out that the actress does not live for eroticism alone.

The celebrity's biggest passion is sports. Daily exercise helps to keep her figure in shape, which is important in such a challenging career. Solazola prefers snowboarding. As a child, her father taught her daughter to ride a board on snow-covered terrain, and from that moment on the girl simply cannot live without the winter sport.

Solazola is fond of travelling and dreams of visiting every corner of our vast planet. She spends all her free time travelling around different countries and cities and, as a rule, each time she returns home she tries to take a souvenir with her and, of course, take a nice memorable photo.

The 18+ actress also loves fashion and tries to follow new trends, paying particular attention to underwear as her professional career demands it.

Solazola is not one of those actresses who go through numerous diets every day; in fact, the celebrity can easily snack on junk food from roadside diners.


Reports have surfaced that the sexy Solazola is thinking about continuing her studies after all. In order to do so, she has enrolled in the Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Apparently, the young lady has enjoyed enough erotic shots and wants to change her life somewhat. Now she wants to master her profession. In her spare time, Solazola channels her energy into studying German and artistic activities. At the same time the self-confident porn actress is not forgetting an important part of her life. The girl still enthusiastically continues to star in erotic videos, both on her own, publishing fresh entries in her account on PornHub, and in cooperation with major companies.



There are several interesting facts about the beloved Strawberry starlet: The girl loves to dress up and is very keen on shopping. She spends most of her money on new and beautiful things. Solazola has a pet, a red cat. The furry creature is often seen in the background of erotic home movies. The porn model likes to decorate her body with tattoos and piercings. The piercing adorns the girl's ears and nipple, and a beautifully printed flower is brightly mottled under the beauty's left breast. There have been many rumours around the sexy brunette about plastic surgery intervention. Solazola categorically dismisses such rumours. Lush bust given to her by nature, wonderful shape the fruit of regular training. On Christmas Eve, the girl offered her fans to watch her racy recordings at a 50% discount. On December 26, the girl offered escort services to willing fans. Solazola declares that she adores her job and is not going to change her field anytime soon.


Apart from sports, the brunette loves fashion, movies, food and her job. You can't go anywhere without it. The love for what a porn star does can be felt in her every video.

Actress on social media

Despite being busy all the time, Solazola doesn't forget about social media. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter. Here she shares her photos. The beauty's posts are actively liked by her fans and live in anticipation of news from her idol.

Solazola and her boyfriend are the most popular verified couple according to MAXIM


Solazola is one of the few adult film actresses who is not afraid to talk to her followers and speak openly about her profession. On social media, she often arranges surveys and shows her chic life: travelling and expensive shopping.

The beautiful actress continues to delight her subscribers and fans with new work. Every day you can find fresh videos of Solazola on the net. The brunette actress will continue to delight fans with her performance for years to come.